This is just an observation that I made over the course of my life and it brings up this question, why is there a high percentage of conscious Black men and women dating someone outside of their race? Like I see a lot of white guys with natural black girls and Black hippie looking dudes with locs and motha land colors with white women.

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Back when Grammy’s was real 


oops i lied. its called yellow haze

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The video is Yellow Haze by Tennille

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Do you make fun of yourself for acting white so ppl dont make fun of you, I wanna know because I need a new way of dealing with people saying that to me.

I dont theres a possible way of acting white you’re just acting like yourself if somebody says you act white because you’re not all ghetto and you speak well and articulate yourself without sounding ignorant thats their people… there is no such thing as acting white because I’ve met some dumb ass white people too. I hate that some Black people associate being intelligent with whiteness like its just unheard of for a Black person be smart.     

tenelle- yellow haze

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me and my ex 

This just seems so perfect.

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what was the name of this video PLEASE inbox me and tell me PLEASE!


Murder meh wrote and meh nuh tek back meh chat Shuffle deh deck meh a deh queen ina deh pack Look how meh cute and sexy like that

Queen of di pack
My sleeve is almost done just needs color

New Orleans, 1974, Joel Sternfeld

Ava Cherry {1955 - }, singer and muse to David Bowie