Jean- Michel Basquiat for Comme des garcon S/S 87….


Time to Get Up

We both wake up in the same bed but couldn’t feel any farther apart. We rise for the day alone. She gets up, brushes her teeth and jumps in the shower. I start breakfast for us; toast bacon and eggs. I eat alone and wait for her to be done. No real words are spoken. Only the usual “Excuse me” or “Can you hand me this or that?” We avoid each other. Trying not to come into contact. She sits down eats her food and grabs he purse to leave. She opens the door shouts a meaningless “Love you” and the door slams behind her. I get dressed and start my day. We start our days the same way every morning. Waking up alone but next to each other. Trying to stay out of the others way. We struggle in the same routine. The relationship is bland but the love is there. We had a very tumultuous and that was fun. Every morning when we wake up I know one question that floats around in both of our minds. How do we get it back. But then a more important thing happens.. The time to wake up.


"Love In the Time of Tear Gas."  Picture from Ferguson
How Trayvon Martin’s Death Launched a New Generation of Black Activism | The Nation


“My name is not Annie. It’s Quvenzhané.”

Quvenzhané Wallis (then age 9) correcting an AP Reporter who said she was “just going to call her Annie” instead of learning how to pronounce her name. Never forget.  (via thechanelmuse)

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Painting of Monk, Parker, Mingus, Haynes at The Open Door in Greenwich Village, Sept. 1953 by Tom Roderick