this is what it feels like


^lmao you play too much!

if you could remove one thing from every human being (same thing) physical or mental what would it be & why

Pride, I hate it, ruins relationships makes people less humble..   

I’m tumblr pro now, what ever that is… Apparently I just get a top hat…

Writing on the wall me & some tunnel #art #streetart #Chicago


"The system was never broken it was built this way"

the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll realize what you should really be mad at

What is your opinion about the word n*gro? I had a conversation who found the term n*gro more offensive than the term n*gger. Personally, I dont find the term n*gro offensive as it means black no? I hate the term n*gger so so much. Im intetested to see what you have to say

I understand the history of the word that the word but I personally dont give it much power because its used as a joke and i hear it from Black people calling me and everyone around them nigger on a day to day basis a word is only as powerful as you make it. Like I said I completely understand and realize the pain it caused and still causes for some people today but its just a word to me and if the best you can do to try to hurt me is call me a nigger or something derogatory than I feel sorry for you..  

Most listened to artist by you currently. ..which artists do you think is slept on most ?

I been on Bone Thugs & Harmony the past few days and The NYC artist Kelela 


Awww look at lil bruh on the right’s face. 
He really feeling the love

if you could invite 10 people from history, dead or alive, to your dinner table. . . who would you pick?

1. Solange

2. Malcolm X

3. Aaron McGruder

4. Ryan Murphy

5. Bell Hooks

6.Lena Dunham

7. My father (He passed before I could remember him)

8. Bill Cosby

9. Jill Scott

10. Nelson Mandela 

Whats your definition of love

I really cant its just a feeling you know it when it happens 

what do you know about pussy?

i been in a few of them so i know something..

How old are you? When do you normally go to bed? Who do you have a talent crush on? What's your fave flavor of ice cream? What was your fave subject in third grade? Would you ever paint your nails? What makes want to jump out of bed & start the day every morning? What would you say to yourself 10 years ago? How tall are you? Do you drink tea? What's a pet peeve of yours? Where would you to like to travel to if someone gave you money for a ticket right now? Whats your fave thing to wear?

22, when ever I fall asleep could be early or could be late, Talent crush, well my man crush is Anthony Mackie I love all his movies and he is an incredible actor. I really like pineapple coconut, I loved reading and still do today. Hell to the no I wouldn’t. The fact that I woke up! Dont ride that back down that damn hill YOU WILL GET HURT. 5’10. Hell to the yeah I love tea, I hate when people (and my self) are ashy I hate it. I have too many to name but now i would say its my dickies overalls