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fro x Allonna James 
photo courtesy of Deun Ivory (iPhone) 
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Lupita Nyong’o for Dazed and Confused Magazine

I want an interesting and surprising life. I may not get or do everything that I want but I just think its nice to have the possibility..   

Who is the photographer that took this picture please tell me!

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Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Beverly Peele.

As much as I love the arts, my heart and head isn’t into like it used to be so I’m thinking about going back to school in the spring for psychology.. I’m always reading the books anyway

damnit tony jackson your blog name is everything

lol thank you 


Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad + Jarobi
Hi. Le'ts talk about Mike Brown.


This post is extensive, because it contains various reputable sources, pictures, excerpts, the gist of the incident, and my personal feelings. You can skip the part where I’ve recapped the story if you already know.

Since the start of this incident, I have been taking everything in, and this was…